Lately someone asked me what it would cost to train our people. I said: what would it cost if we don’t? :)

‘If your business needs to evolve, Partner Master Class is the company to give you a boot up the backside to do it.’

Sarah McRow –Director Goldcrest Solutions Ltd. (United Kingdom)

‘We had a more than 60% increase in our Dynamics CRM revenues within 18 months! I would highly recommend Guus and the PMC team to any partner with growth aspirations!’

Selom Bulla, Managing Director of Preact Limited – UK Dynamics CRM Gold Partner

‘Thanks to Partner Master Class for professional and inspiring trainings. They know what they are talking about. Fantastic workshops!’

Christian Lehman – Deputy CEO, GOB Software & Systeme GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)


‘Our business has doubled, our win rate improved and our marketing and overall business strategy is far more targeted. I’d recommend the Partner Master Class to any Microsoft partner.’

Michael Morgan – Intergen (Australia)


Improve your people with the most valuable business improvement trainings available.



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Professionalize and increase your Microsoft Dynamics business!

Do you want to improve your professionalism, profitability, customer satisfaction and increase your sales volumes? Partner Master Class provides ‘seasoned’  Microsoft Dynamics veterans who have been owners of several Dynamics partner companies. They have over 25 years of experience in ERP and more than 15 years in Microsoft Dynamics.

Partner Master Class is an international training and consulting company that delivers the official Microsoft PDC program. PDC stands for Partner Development Center. PDC’s deliver training and coaching for the 5 so-called non-technical roles of the Dynamics Partner Academy. Partner Master Class is selected by Microsoft as the first choice PDC for The Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and recently also for Australia and Germany.

Joining the Partner Master Class is an innovative journey that brings perspective, vision, tools and processes to Microsoft partners helping them to manage successfully their business.

Microsoft statistics have shown an average 29% higher Year over Year growth compared to partners who have not joined the Business Ready program!


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Dynamics partners after Partner Master Class training

How your people get better

Microsoft wants its Dynamics partners to become more professional. So the main goals of the Partner Master Class program are in line with Microsoft’s new MPN partner program. Microsoft has launched the new Microsoft Dynamics Partner Academy (DPA) program recently. Partner Master Class will deliver the parts which focus on managers and business owners which means the following roles:


How can you improve your leadership performance? In most partner companies, a lack of experienced middle management prevents (further) profitable growth. Companies rely heavily on one or just a few individuals far too often. For this reason, it’s critical that the Leadership trainers be able to demonstrate real-life experience as business owners in this channel. We have been owners of Dynamics partners ourselves! So we understand your position better than anyone else. And we recognize the mistakes that you make because we’ve made them ourselves! Based on our experience, we’ve probably made even more mistakes than you did (so far). So take advantage of the opportunity to learn from our mistakes!


Customer satisfaction is more important than ever before! This forces you to learn how customers really think and purchase, how you can influence expectation levels and how you can manage and improve customer satisfaction. The MPN partner program is all about growth! Therefore it’s important to set up a real sales and marketing engine. Unfortunately, most partners don’t have this machine today, nor a concrete idea of how to create one. You want your sales and marketing to work well together. The best way to achieve this is to agree on the basics of the perfect sales qualified lead. Create a set of criteria to qualify a sales lead and your teams can work together to attract and convert more of them to grow your business. In the marketing training you will gain insights into the following subjects:

  • The new buying behavior
  • How to influence today’s buying journey?
  • Create leads via prospect education Your website 2.0 – what should it look like?
  • Generate More Marketing Prospects with a Vertical Value Proposition
  • Digital marketing


Most Dynamics partners have poor to very poor conversion ratios. But pre-sales is a costly business! Every sales cycle you lose costs you at least 10 man-days for small deals to over 100 for bigger deals. Those are huge investments! You need to realize how much money you leave on the table. And how much profit you can make by an improved qualification process and better closing skills. Winning new customers is far more popular than retaining existing customers. However, if you analyze the business models, you discover that customer retention, or churn management, is one of the most important indicators of profitability. Retaining customers in the cloud demands for a complete different mindset and approach. Dynamics partners who want to be successful in the near future better start their preparation on time.

  • New Repeatable Sales Methodology
  • Selling ‘out of the box’ solutions
  • Strong focus on qualification and closing skills!
  • Role games Up- and cross sell of additional solutions
  • Selling the stack
  • Managing the churn

Project Management

  • Repeatable delivery process
  • Project organization
  • Change management
  • Role games

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We live in the era of the customer. Nowadays, the customer is in control. The internet has created an extremely transparent market. Which means that customers have an endless variety of options to choose from. And when the customer isn’t satisfied, it’s easy to just choose another provider. This means nowadays that every organization has to do everything it can to make its customers happy. And to keep them happy! So it makes sense that your customers need the best possible IT tools thinkable to please their customers. The reality is different. The majority of your customers started their Dynamics NAV implementation with matters like bookkeeping, order processing and warehouse administration. Most of the time, it took a while before the marketing and sales processes were automated. And often, Dynamics NAV was used for this as well. There were of course some good reasons for this: easy to implement, good integration and the same user interface. However, many marketing and sales people considered this as a weak compromise. After all, ERP was designed around structured ordering and delivery processes. Where as in CRM, information is mostly unstructured and customer centric. The Dynamics NAV CRM module All over the world sales and marketing departments of large and small companies understand that settling a compromise regarding the use of customer focused IT is no longer an option. They know that their company only has the right to survive in this new world if they use the best tools for sales, marketing, service and social. And unfortunately that tool isn’t the CRM module in Dynamics NAV! Why you should embrace Dynamics CRM...

Strategic Offer or Cash Cow – Is your ERP system in a Dead End Street?

– The average reading time for this blog is 8 minutes – 2016 Will be the year in which the software-as-a-service model – simply put: the cloud – achieves its worldwide breakthrough for business software. But how will your software vendor respond to that? We’ve analysed the offerings of the larger ERP vendors for you and also provide you with tips for your own investigation. According to Panorama Consulting, cloud computing is now well beyond the hype phase. The consultancy considers the purchase of a cloud-based ERP system to be just as normal as buying a car with 4 wheels. But how will your software vendor respond to this? Does your vendor have any cloud strategy at all? And if so, what does this strategy mean for the support of your current system and software versions? Not just today, but in the future as well. An analysis. A rosy future is universally predicted for the market for cloud-based ERP solutions. A future so rosy that no serious vendor can afford to ignore this trend. This means that solution providers must make strategic choices. And the impact of those choices can be huge for your organisation! That’s why it’s now more important than ever to follow your vendor – even if you’re not yet using any ERP software from the cloud. Or even if you’re not even thinking actively about it yet! The burning question is: can you continue into the future without problems using your current system? Or should you be preparing seriously for the transition to another system? Comparison with Y2K In essence, for vendors, the transition to the cloud is quite...

Partner Master Class presents at eXtremeCRM EMEA event in Warsaw!

        All the Dynamics CRM partner community in the EMEA region will travel east next week. They all go visit Warsaw to attend their annual partner event called eXtreme CRM2016. Dutch training and consultancy firm Partner Master Class will be in Warsaw as well. First of all to be the co-trainer in the Cloud SureStep workshop for Dynamics CRM business leaders. Secondly to play a role in various round tables. And lastly to deliver a series of three presentations. Cloud SureStep for Dynamics CRM At this event Microsoft introduces the successful Cloud SureStep program (aka Road2Repeatability) to the European Dynamics CRM partner channel. This program helps partners prepare to build a repeatable business around Dynamics CRM Online. Over the last 4 years this program has been delivered to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV and GP (ERP) partner channel. Partner Master Class was an important delivery partner in that process to hundreds of Dynamics ERP partners in over 25 countries worldwide. Guus Krabbenborg will co-deliver the 1,5 day Leadership track in Warsaw on Sunday afternoon and Monday – just before the official start of the conference. Over 100 attendees have already registered for this interesting workshop and many other partners are waitlisted. Check here for details. After this conference Partner Master Class will follow-up with the delivery of the full Cloud SureStep program including the Sales and Marketing tracks in many subsidiaries across Europe, Middle-East and Africa.   Round Tables Like last year eXtreme facilitates a so called Executive Exchange. That is a separate track purely focused on Dynamics CRM partner executives. On Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning...

Thanks to Partner Master Class for professional and inspiring trainings. They know what they are talking about. Fantastic workshops!

Dr. Christian Lehmann, Deputy CEO, GOB Software & Systeme GmbH & Co. KG

Improve your business and start today!

Microsoft statistics show that Dynamic partners who followed our training improved with 26%, while partners that did not follow the training decrease by 3%. Time to act now!

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