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We live in the era of the customer. Nowadays, the customer is in control. The internet has created an extremely transparent market. Which means that customers have an endless variety of options to choose from. And when the customer isn’t satisfied, it’s easy to just choose another provider. This means nowadays that every organization has to do everything it can to make its customers happy. And to keep them happy! So it makes sense that your customers need the best possible IT tools thinkable to please their customers.

The reality is different. The majority of your customers started their Dynamics NAV implementation with matters like bookkeeping, order processing and warehouse administration. Most of the time, it took a while before the marketing and sales processes were automated. And often, Dynamics NAV was used for this as well. There were of course some good reasons for this: easy to implement, good integration and the same user interface. However, many marketing and sales people considered this as a weak compromise. After all, ERP was designed around structured ordering and delivery processes. Where as in CRM, information is mostly unstructured and customer centric.

The Dynamics NAV CRM module

All over the world sales and marketing departments of large and small companies understand that settling a compromise regarding the use of customer focused IT is no longer an option. They know that their company only has the right to survive in this new world if they use the best tools for sales, marketing, service and social. And unfortunately that tool isn’t the CRM module in Dynamics NAV!

Why you should embrace Dynamics CRM

These are the four main reasons why you should add Dynamics CRM to your existing Dynamics NAV offering today:

  1. Protect your existing Dynamics NAV customers! I predict that in the next three to five years every Dynamics NAV customer will purchase a professional CRM system. If you’re lucky your customers will buy Dynamics CRM. If you’re not so lucky, they will buy another system. For example ‘So what?’, you might think. Well, Salesforce is known primarily for its CRM offerings. But did you know that through her Force1 platform it also offers an ERP solutions, called FinancialForce? What will happen when your customer, who still uses an antique Dynamics NAV 3.70 version with a lot of expensive customisation, sees a recent version of FinancialForce?
  2. Increase your Dynamics NAV new business opportunities by broadening and strengthening your offering! More and more customers are seeking integrated solutions. Solutions that go beyond ‘just’ ERP. By adding Dynamics CRM and Office 365 to your proposition you will immediately become a more attractive party to do business with. Which will increase your ability to win new customers.
  3. Use Dynamics CRM as a ‘trojan horse’ for Dynamics NAV! You, unlike any other, know how hard it is to convince an organization to replace their existing ERP system. Offering a professional CRM solution however is an easier door opener. Surprisingly few companies are already using a structured CRM system nowadays. So Dynamics CRM can function as a ‘trojan horse’. You will sneak inside fairly unnoticed. You deliver Dynamics CRM to everyone’s satisfaction. And then start the ERP discussion. At much lower costs than the traditional approach.
  4. CRM markets grow much faster than ERP markets! In most European countries, today’s ERP markets are replacement markets. With an average revenue growth between 0 and 3 percent. That’s completely different for the CRM market. Microsoft expects a double digit growth for the next 5 years. So if you want to grow your business, can you afford to ignore the CRM market?

How do I find CRM competences?

Of course you have your hands full on your existing Dynamics NAV business. And you wonder how you can obtain the necessary CRM competences. We understand! That’s why we offer you a very comfortable entrance into the Dynamics CRM world. QBS group has recently decided to make her OneBizz solution modular. Which means that every Dynamics NAV partner can get going with OneBizz CRM and/or OneBizz 365 quickly.

This is what makes our offer to you more attractive:

  • Short implementations so you can deliver affordable and competitive solutions.
  • A special training program for you and your employees, which you can pay for with Quattro’s if you’d like.
  • If needed we can even provide you with a OneBizz Young Professional who has been trained by us and who can sees opportunities for you immediately.

After all, speed is important to prevent someone else to ‘steal your lunch’.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about the opportunity to add Dynamics CRM and Office 365 to your offering quickly and easily? Then please talk to your QBS contact person. Or send an email to my colleague Herman van Leeuwen via And remember – the longer you wait, the more money you leave on the table!

Guus Krabbenborg