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We’re happy to have the opportunity to deliver two interesting session at DIRECTIONS EMEA. This event will take place from October 5th – 7th in Mannheim (Germany).

Our sessions touch on two domains that we think are very important for every Dynamics NAV partner: the delivery of Project Success and the transition to the new buyer’s world.

Both sessions will be delivered by Guus Krabbenborg, partner in Partner Master Class. And the tone of voice will exactly be as you would expect from a Dutch guy: insightful, energetic, provocative and crystal clear, but always with a wink!   🙂

Please feel invited to join (one of) these sessions. See you there!


This is how you implement organizational change successfully in your Dynamics NAV Projects!

These days, Dynamics NAV projects are nothing more than change projects! Similar to a merger or a reorganization. With a need for a vision, for business goals, for good internal communication and for senior leadership involvement. Unfortunately most Dynamics NAV partners still consider their projects as technical projects. With a strong focus on functions and features. With contacts on the operational and tactical levels only. And with loads of customizations. Also a fact: your customers are unexperienced in ERP implementations and they hate change. All together this often leads to lots of disappointment and a huge waste of time, money, energy and customer satisfaction. Good organizational change management is crucial for project success. Especially when you want to deliver Dynamics NAV as a public cloud solution! This process starts at the strategic level of your customer’s organization. This session is all about implementing this organizational change in your projects. After this session you’ll walk away with an understanding of the Why question. But we will also help you with the answers on the How.

Are you interested in educating your prospect’s management? Want to differentiate yourself from other vendors by helping the business owners understand what their roles are? Want to learn how organizational change can make your projects more successful? Then you definitely don’t want to miss this session!

Date: Monday October 5th, 2015 | Time slot: 17:15 to 18:15 | Room: Stamnitz Saal

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Change or disappear! Is your company able to cope with ERP disruption?

These days we talk a lot about new, disruptive business models like the taxi services from Űber or Airbnb’s hotel services. But we also see the rise of various forms of “ERP disruption”. Are you aware of that? And is your company able to cope with this? The worldwide ERP market is facing a series of fundamental changes that are bigger than ever before. ERP vendors and their resellers who want to survive need to adapt. Change or disappear is the new mantra!

At Partner Master Class we’ve trained and certified over 100 (!) Dynamics NAV partners in 10 countries over the last 18 months. We’ve seen big changes in these markets like the research behavior of prospects, the urgent need for risk reduction, the growing demand for standard solutions, “usage as the new property” and the appreciation for simplicity. To name just a few trends. And on top of that we see the rise of a series of new and aggressive competitors who are about to eat your ERP lunch.

This session is about the most important changes in the current ERP market. You’ll walk away with a solid understanding of the main trends. We will also give you concrete directions for the changes you can make. And give you indications of the necessary speed. Are you interested in a healthy future of your business? And don’t want to disappear? Then you definitely want to attend this session!

Date: Tuesday October 6th, 2015 | Time slot: 16:45 to 17:45 | Room: Stamnitz Saal

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