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As a certified Microsoft Partner Development Center, it is the Mission of the PartnerMasterClass to improve Microsoft Dynamics partners with easy-to-learn and useful pragmatic knowledge solutions tailored to selected markets, delivery methods or business sizes and always dedicated to growing businesses through happy customers, by providing knowledge and experience that bring organizational and business insights and agility in order to outperform competitors. Our amiable, knowledgeable and professional staff will help inspire, educate and problem-solve for our customers and ultimately our customers’ customers.

Your Partner Development Center

Microsoft has appointed us as their premium Partner Development Center (PDC) and Dynamics Partner Academy (DPA). Let’s take a look at what lies behind these marketing phrases and acronyms. It simply means that we are part of a select global group of companies that has to prove to Microsoft on a regular basis that we understand their, our and your business.

We need to be able to interpret and translate intentions, best practices, monetization and knowledge from Microsoft or their eco system to their eco system, meaning you. It is not about technology, it’s all about business, business models, change management, profitability, growth and cash flow.

Our sole purpose is boosting partner performance through the roof and help you outperform your competitors.

We don’t (want to) tell you how to run your business. We help you to make the best possible decisions, based on hard data, best & worst practices and trends. We are here to simplify a complex environment and make your business decision clutter free.

So, to be all of the above, our trainers, coaches and consultants need to be certified and our company needs to be in good financial shape. We study hard and are examined on a yearly basis to make sure that we bring you the latest and the best.

And, best of all, we are exceptionally curious people that have a genuine interest in your company and would like to have the opportunity to help you make it even better. Based on SMART commitments. We love to improve!