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Today’s buyers of business applications buy in a different way. During their online research, they try to avoid human interaction as long as they can. And in the meantime they prefer self-service and self-education. As a result, the quality and attractiveness of your website decides more and more your chance to get a position on the shortlist.

So in today’s online world, marketing is the new sales. But what does this mean for the sales role? And what should sales people focus on in order to stay business relevant?

In this edition of QBS Talks you’ll learn which competencies you need to master to be successful in the cloud world. We will give you an overview of seven competency levels for both sellers and their buyers. And discuss which levels are “under risk” and will be taken over by modern websites. We will also give you practical advice on how to develop your personal competencies so you will have even more added value for you customers.

At the end of this 30 minutes webinar you will walk away inspired, with new ideas and valuable action points that will help you become an even better sales professional!